Monday, January 25, 2016

Kidnap yourself to a free book preview

Try out Miss Lionheart's new story ... Kidnap yourself to mad scientists territory... now!

Hijack yourself into mad scientists' territory, duck the gelignite, avoid the Acme fuses. Do whatever you need to, just make sure you don't miss out — it's more than your life is worth.

A mad romp into the dangerous world of evil genius, super spies, and dangerous designer animals.

Reviews for Part 1 said:
" I wish this book had been written when I was younger."
" A must-read for precocious pre-teens" Lee Murray
"a fun read for any YA mad scientist, secret spy, or evil super-villain" PD Friend
"Packed with ingenuity and exciting twists" Michelle Child

These and more reviews can be found at

Thanks to my supporters, who insisted it needed to be put together into one collection, this omnibus edition includes all Lilly's adventures from "Once Bitten" to "Thrice Shy." I hope you enjoy this story of an exceptional genius, who must create amazing and very dangerous animals, or die.


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