Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wizard’s Guide to Wellington - ebook, finally!

Recently I put Wizard's Guide to Wellington up on Amazon, hey it only took me 2 years, but I just love the physical book, it's a gorgeous hardback and while you can't get that experience in digital, you can still enjoy the story. 

Find out more... 

Wizard’s Guide to Wellington by A.J. Ponder

WGcoverAn adventure for the young at heart through Wellington City, including Miramar, Eastbourne, and the Wellington Waterfront.
Alec’s Dad is kidnapped, his mysterious English cousin, Perrin, has gone missing, and he has found a talking book that insists the ground beneath his feet is dangerous – and alive!
Perrin has arrived at Wellingtowne Airport only to discover Ike, her cantankerous wizarding guide, has disappeared. Worse, her uncle is missing and she is all alone in the dangerous city of Wellingtowne.
Ghosts, taniwhas, magic … and a warning: “Bad men watch you”. Something is very wrong, and it’s up to the two cousins to rescue Wellingtowne & Wellington.

“Fantastic story – setting – character –full of tension and surprises – very cool.”
Mary McCallum

“Alicia Ponder has conjured a whirlwind of wizardry that will have you reaching for the nearest broomstick in this delightfully wild and unpredictable tale of magic, monsters and mayhem.”
Emanuel E Garcia

“A truly magical book.”
Lorraine Williams

Cover Art: Richard Ponder
Internal Art: Clem Winfield & A.J. Ponder
Publisher: Coombe House & Phantom Feather Press

ISBN Paperback :   9780473220303
ISBN Mobi:   978-0-9941155-4-6

Publication Date: 19/12/2012.
Hardback 224 pages.

Available: Good New Zealand book stores and on Amazon for the ebook. Wholesalers, retailers and booksellers, please order from Paul and Joan Greenberg of Greene Phoenix Marketing. Contact details here  or paul.gpm(at)

Enjoy the adventure!

PS Keep a close eye on this page and my blog so I can warn you of dangerous magical Events before they happen!

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