Monday, February 18, 2013

An alternate life

I have three "blogs" at the moment - and this one - well this one is at least temporarily out of the picture-

No 1  Wizard's Guide to Wellington -  it can be found at

No 2 - a little taste of my latest character, Miss Lilly Lionheart can be found on her blog at

No 3 - My most popular blog An Affliction of Poetry - with over 65,000 hits - I'm beginning to believe people really do like poetry after all...

 No 4 - Me - well my writing anyway, theoretically there is a blog - but mostly the good stuff is going to be kept "here" - it includes links to writing published on the internet and elsewhere. 
And I have recently added a facebook site that is intended to focus on writer opportunities and events here at

More of my work is available online, Twisty Christmas Tales, Friends (horror for adults in Baby Teeth), Dying for the Record (free online UK tomorrow project), Ahi Ka, written in conjunction with Eileen Mueller (now free on my blog )

That's it folks - all the best 
hope to see you about sometime


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